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8 December 2013

The Amateur State

Many of the pieces of writing in this manifestly fertile stream of discussion about ...

8 December 2013

Photographic Histories, Actualities, Potentialities: Amateur Photography as Photographic Historiography

Research work that looks into the histories of photography and photographs, away from the ...

20 October 2013

Tourists Who Shoot

A slideshow in dialogue with: The Aspirational Tourist Photographer Current sociological, tourism and photography ...

14 October 2013

Creepshots, Candids and the Amateur Photographer

Response To Photographic ‘artistry’ in 1950s men’s magazines. In ‘Photographic ‘Artistry’ in 1950s Men’s ...

26 September 2013

Camera Clubs, Interwar Amateurs and Photography for Profit

Shortly before the Second World War, an author and photographer, writing under the pseudonym ...

19 September 2013

Cliché In The Making: Sunsets In Early Colour Photography

Response To: When is a cliché not a cliché? Reconsidering Mass Produced Sunsets In ...

25 August 2013

Reflections on Flickr: Everyday photography practices online and offline

Response to: The Guardian Camera Club Roger Tooth’s article for the Reconsidering Amateur Photography ...

20 August 2013

The Amateur Excursion and the Sociable Production of Photographic Knowledge

TO THE COMMITTEE ARRANGING OUTINGS May we ask, as men not knowing, What your ...

16 June 2013

Photographic ‘artistry’ in 1950s men’s magazines.

Fig 1 In 1998 I wrote Diary of an Amateur Photographer. Its protagonist, Michael ...

3 June 2013

Who were the amateur photographers?

Introduction The debate over what defines an amateur photographer is still with us. Today ...

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