Dear Future Editors of Either/And

Charlotte Cotton

Dear Future Editors of Either/And,

I am writing to you to wish you the very best for your year of garnering and shaping thoughtful opinions about your chosen field of creativity and expertise.  We all like to think that we live in a pivotal moment but when it comes to creative technologies, we genuinely are experiencing an epoch of massive and exciting flux. We have entered an era where anyone with a creative proposal or product can directly reach an audience. This impacts not only on how and what creative and independent media gets made, but the values and meanings that we can ascribe to it. This moment also challenges cultural organizations to re-imagine their paradigm and to create new models of engagement and participation in institutional understandings of media. 

Either/And was created to be a modest but impactful step towards embracing the potential of our time for debate and information sharing. In essence, there are three main ingredients required for this Open Source website and project ethos to flourish. It requires first the institution – the National Media Museum – to be a generous host, providing an on-line space that behaves somewhat independently to the mechanisms of a physical museum site. Either/And’s central ingredient is you - a self-elected media community, changing annually, who are the editors, responsible for galvanizing thoughtful and diverse viewpoints on the prescient issue for your field. The third ingredient is the community of readers and participants who will go on the discursive journey with Either/And to record everything we thought important at this media juncture.   

This letter will reside in the ‘Either/And’ section of the website. I hope you will add your own observations and opinions about the project as it evolves.  But most of all, I hope you have a blast.

Very best wishes, 

Charlotte Cotton