Anne Burns

Anne Burns is a PhD candidate studying at the Loughborough University School of Art. Her thesis examines how women’s identity is mediated and expressed through photographs on social media, ranging from ideas of presenting the ‘authentic’ or desirable self, to the more extreme practices of discipline enacted on women in relation to their photographic self-depictions.

Recent studies include a discussion of the various levels of censure relating to performing the pouting ‘duckface’ expression within photographs, and an analysis of comments posted on involuntary porn websites for their use of post-feminist notions of ‘choice’ to legitimise the humiliation of women.

Prior to commencing her studies, Anne was a photography demonstrator at the University of Salford, and worked as a photographer at a high-street portrait studio - experiences that shaped her current project by demonstrating ways in which photography is learned, experienced and integrated into a subjective understanding of the self.


Creepshots, Candids and the Amateur Photographer